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Table 3 Final TESQ-E questionnaire

From: Assessing self-regulation strategies: development and validation of the tempest self-regulation questionnaire for eating (TESQ-E) in adolescents

Approach Addressing the temptation directly
Strategy 1 Avoidance of temptations
Item 1 If I am in town, I make sure that I don’t go by fast-food places
Item 2 If I pass a bakery, I avoid looking at display in the window
Item 3 If I go to the supermarket, I avoid the candy department
Item 4 If I am bored, I stay away from the kitchen
Strategy 2 Controlling temptations
Item 5 If I want to have a treat, I take a little bit and put the rest out of sight
Item 6 If I am watching TV, I make sure that the crisps are out of reach
Item 7 If I am behind the PC, I make sure there is some healthy food within reach
Item 8 If I want to eat candy, I take a few and put the rest of the bag away
Approach Addressing the psychological meaning of the temptation
Strategy 3 Distraction
Item 9 If I feel tempted to buy candies, I distract myself
Item 10 If I feel like eating something, I call a friend instead
Item 11 If I am getting hungry before dinner, I try to keep myself busy
Item 12 If I have the urge to eat candy, I find something else to do
Strategy 4 Suppression
Item 13 If I pass a bakery, I ignore the smells of tasty foods
Item 14 If I want to eat unhealthy things, I just tell myself “no!”
Item 15 I use willpower to stay away from unhealthy snacks
Item 16 If I go to a party with lots of snacks, I ignore the food
Approach Addressing the goal directly
Strategy 5 Goal and rule setting
Item 17 I plan to bring a piece of fruit to school
Item 18 I have an agreement with myself about how many candies I can have per day
Item 19 If I want to eat a snack, I take a piece of fruit first
Item 20 I set goals to eat healthily for myself
Strategy 6 Goal deliberation
Item 21 If I want to have a snack, I try to realize that snacks are bad for your health
Item 22 If I think I may be overeating, I think of how this may compromise exercising
Item 23 If I want to take a snack, I remember that I want to stay attractive
Item 24 If I feel like eating something unhealthy, I think about whether I really want it