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Table 2 Content summary of teacher completed logbooks used for the WAVES study intervention process evaluation

From: Process evaluation design in a cluster randomised controlled childhood obesity prevention trial: the WAVES study

  Fidelity / Adherence Reach/Dose/ Exposure Recruitment Quality Participant responsiveness Programme differentiation Context
Physical Activity logbook (completed daily)        
Time of activity      
Duration of activity     
Reason for non-completion       
Number of children who did not participate        
Additional comments
Cooking workshop logbook (1/workshop)        
Cooking workshop lessons        
Number of lessons delivered prior to the workshop?      
Time spent delivering the lessons       
Additional comments
Cooking workshop        
Time spent and delivering the workshop       
Number of children who did not participate and reasons        
Number of children with at least one parent/carer present       
Number of helpers present       
Additional comments
Villa Vitality logbook        
Villa Vitality days 1, 2 and 3        
Number of children attending the day        
Reasons for non-attendance      
Villa Vitality project and weekly challenges        
Time spent delivering the project/challenges       
Number of children who completed each challenge        
Additional comments