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Table 3 Content summary of researcher completed observation checklists used for the WAVES study intervention process evaluation

From: Process evaluation design in a cluster randomised controlled childhood obesity prevention trial: the WAVES study

  Fidelity / Adherence Reach/Dose/ Exposure Recruitment Quality Participant responsiveness Programme differentiation Context
Activity observed PACWVV       
Duration of activity PACWVV      
Method of delivery PA       
Number of childrenPACWVV        
Number of parentsCW        
Number of staff present, number joining in, and if not why PACW VV        
Number of children present but not participating and whyPAVV        
Does the leader remind the children of the benefits of the activity? PA       
Does the leader encourage the children to move energetically? PA       
Does the leader encourage the children to participate? VV       
How enthusiastic is the teacher? PACWVV        
Do the children have sufficient space? PA        
Overall quality of delivery PACWVV        
Proportion of children achieving moderate to vigorous activity PA       
Proportion of children enthusiastic about / enjoying session PACWVV        
Proportion of children getting actively involved in session CW        
Proportion of parents enthusiastic about / enjoying session CW        
Proportion of parents getting actively involved in session CW        
Was all of the recommended session content delivered? CWVV      
Children with special educational needs included? PA, CW, VV      
Number of children being disruptivePACWVV       
Are most children able to follow the instructions given? VV       
Did language appear to be a barrier for parents? CW      
  1. PA - Physical activity observation checklist, CW - Cooking workshop observation checklist, VV - Villa Vitality observation checklist.