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Table 9 Description of resources, mean (SD) unit costs £, units, indicative total cost 2012-13 prices

From: Randomised feasibility trial of a teaching assistant led extracurricular physical activity intervention for 9 to 11 year olds: Action 3:30

Category and description of resources used Mean (SD) unit cost £ Number of units Total cost £
Non-recurrent resources-development    
Leader consultation and development work    
Refinement programme by Bristol City Council 200/day 6 days 1,200
Refinement programme after external input 200/day 3 days 600
Drafting 40 physical activity plans 200/day 15 days 3,000
One-off resources- training    3,800
Leader training TAs in groups 200/day 5 days/TA 300
First Aid training for TAs    
TA training/school (2 TAs/school*25 hours)a 494(83)/school 10 schools 4,940
TA session plan overview 60(56)/school 10 schools 600
Recurrent resources- preparation    
Printing training manuals 14/manual 20 manuals 280
Printing leader's manual for TAs 18/manual 20 manuals 360
Recurrent resources- Action 3.30 delivery    
Booster training sessions for TAs 36(51)/school 10 schools 360
Intervention delivery by TAs up to 40 sessionsb 858(173)/school 10 schools 8,620
Leader intervention delivery    
1 visit per school Bristol by train 7.20/school 5 schools 36
1 visit per school Bath by train 14.40/school 5 schools 72
Delivery of booster session 200/day 3 days 600
Room hire booster session    200
Email/phone support 25/hour 3 hours/10 schools 750
Printing materials for Action 3.30 delivery c    1,155
School sports equipment d    2,177
Indicative total cost   29,050
Indicative total cost excluding non-recurrent costs 24,250
Indicative total excluding one-off training and non-  
recurrent costs 14,610
Indicative cost per school (first year of delivery) 2,425
Indicative cost per pupil (first year of delivery) (n = 30) 81
Indicative cost per school (mainstream delivery) 1,461
Indicative cost per pupil (n = 30) 49
  1. a5 day training programme 25 hours per school, session planning overview per school.
  2. bTwo TAs per school, TA could claim for up to 80 hours, hourly wage rate varies from £8.32 to £15, hours claimed range (0-80 hrs), average hours claimed 73.9 hours, based on 30 pupils per school.
  3. cClub pledge, pupil pledge, parental feedback, certificates, Easter reminder flyers, Easter parent flyers.
  4. dBranded sports equipment, sponge size 5 balls, frisbees, balloons, hockey sticks.