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Table 1 Description of intervention linked to behaviour change theory

From: Dietary outcomes of a community based intervention for mothers of young children: a randomised controlled trial

Theme Intervention Theory
Orientation to the diet intervention (Week 1) Distribution of resources (booklet, menu planner, recipe booklet) containing information on healthy eating (increasing fruit, vegetables and fibre and reducing fat and sugar-sweetened beverages) expectation and expectancies; Self-efficacy (SCT)
Barriers and benefits to a healthy diet and overcoming barriers
Behaviour change (week 5) Goal setting - diet behavioural capabilities; self-efficacy
Family dinner planner & food record sheet Observational (SCT and TTM)
Activity with healthy dinner planner
Monitoring progress (week 9) Review established goals behavioural capabilities; self-control; social support; reciprocal determinism; reinforcement (SCT); MI
Set new short term goals
Support networks
Review resources
Monitoring progress (week 13) Review established goals self-control; social support; reciprocal determinism(SCT); MI
Set new short term goals
Menu planning
Shopping list with healthy tips
Reading food labels
Reinforcing messages/information (week 17) Overcoming relapses Social support; observational, reinforcement (SCT)
Support networks
Modify recipes to make healthier
Healthy cooking methods
Review and feedback (week 21) Review of goals; review of program; Social support; observational, behavioural capabilities (SCT)
Fibre and glycaemic index
Modified recipes/healthy cooking methods