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Table 3 Presence of Theory Domain Framework Categories in included studies

From: Efficacy of behavioural interventions for transport behaviour change: systematic review, meta-analysis and intervention coding

  Knowledge Skills Role identity Capabilities Optimism Consequences Reinforcement Intentions Goals Memory, attention Environment Social Emotion Regulation
Aittasalo 2012 [27] X    X      X      X
Armitage 2011 [28]          X      X
Bamberg 2006 [29] X       X     X    
Bamberg 2013 [30] X      X X X X    X   X
Ben-Elia 2011 [31] X       X        X
Eriksson 2008 [32] X X        X      X
Fujii 2005 [33] X      X X   X    X   X
Garvill 2003 [34]          X      X
Jakobsson 2002 [35]        X   X      X
Matthies 2006 [36] X      X X X X      X
Mutrie 2002 [37] X         X   X X   X
Tertoolen 1998 [38] X         X      X
Thøgersen 2008 [39] X       X   X      X
  1. Presence of a Theory Domain Framework category in an intervention arm is indicated with an X.