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Table 3 Informants’ quotes illustrating categories

From: Mechanisms underpinning use of new walking and cycling infrastructure in different contexts: mixed-method analysis

Cardiff Kenilworth Southampton
Expected use and impact
Utility perspective Utility perspective Utility perspective
The bridge will enable commuters to travel from Penarth into Cardiff and vice-versa, trips for leisure to the sports facilities, ice rinks, shops and other Bay facilities… (C3) The main commute is going to be the lecturers and other staff at the university who live in Kenilworth. (K1) …and as I said before, business, people going to work, to college, to the university…(S2)
Recreational perspective Recreational perspective Recreational perspective
The bridge will enable……. people to go on leisure rides. (C3) The main use will be recreational. But there is a link that we’re always pushing between recreational sites and then cycling as the transport choice, it’s helpful if folks grow up cycle-friendly and know how to make the wheels go around and that’s the first step for any of us, getting on a bike. And also somewhere for people who used to cycle that are trepidatious about the roads and understandably, so re-finding their cycling legs. (K1) I think people will use it because it’s along the river and the river is a big attraction for people to just, you know, use it for recreational purposes. (S3)
Perceived need for the schemes – utility
Challenges faced by pedestrians and cyclists Challenges faced by pedestrians and cyclists Challenges faced by pedestrians and cyclists
Currently there are three routes to get into Cardiff from Penarth. None of these routes are user friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. (C1) It will give mainly a traffic-free and it will give a continuous option whereas at the moment what exists is broken at Crackley [area] and it’s then severed at Gibbet Hill and you can’t actually access traffic free; this road [existing segregated route alongside the A429] is quite undulating, it’s got a couple of hills, they’re not steep but they might put some people off. This [the Connect2 infrastructure] does have a rise in it, but it’s gentler than that. (K5) At the moment it, it feels very surrounded by busy road that area of St Denys, so having that nice link out is going to, I think it’s going to make people feel “oh yeah, you know, I could go on a cycle ride”. (S4)
Existing options for walking and cycling Existing options for walking and cycling Existing options for walking and cycling
Currently cyclists and pedestrians can use the Barrage, but this route doesn’t go into the Bay, it goes into east Cardiff. (C4) I think [there will be a migration of existing users from the A429 route to the Connect2 route] certainly for getting to the main campus yes, for getting to Gibbet Hill campus, no. I think the most direct route will be up to the lights and down the Kenilworth Road. (K3) Not identified
Challenges faced by other road users Challenges faced by other road users Challenges faced by other road users
The Cogan Spur, Penarth to Cardiff Bay, is always busy and has queues of traffic at all times of the day. (C2) …and as I say, ties in with other initiatives you know [e.g. removing free parking], in terms of increasing or decreasing the incentive to drive on to the campus. (K3) Not identified
Perceived need for the schemes – recreation   
Lots of people currently complain that they can’t get around the bay, so the bridge will be that missing link for circular walks and cycle rides around the bay. (C4) …it’s a fantastic place for people with their young kids to go out, let them learn to wobble and fall off in a safe environment, which actually in a town like Kenilworth … it’s very difficult to find those places actually. (K5) ….there is a green area on the river that will now have a bench so it will be beneficial to people to sit and view the river; there are the views, visiting it to access the waterfront. (S1)
Scale of environmental change
The main problem is that those who live near Penarth Town Centre, they don’t have a good route to the bridge. The Windsor Road from Penarth Town Centre is very narrow and extremely busy. It’s not a nice road to cycle along and doesn’t feel safe. (C2) At the moment there is still a problem when you get to the Gibett Hill Traffic lights and turn left on their [leaving the A429 segregated shared walking & cycling path]. (K3) I think there will be an improvement but it is not going to be in measurable terms. I don’t think it’s going to be huge, I think it’s going to be fairly marginal… (S4)
Design features of the schemes   
The bridge will have integral lighting which will make it safe for vulnerable groups at night. (C3) …because what you’d got before was a dust stone surface, and we’ve widened it and sealed it so that it’s clean. So you think there are small tangible benefits that a mum will push her pushchair down there, she won’t get the wheels covered in muck… (K6) The current development has a promenade around the perimeter, on the waterside, and there’s antisocial behaviour and damage that occurs there, and they were concerned that the boardwalk would increase the antisocial behaviour. (S1)