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Table 11 Best evidence of environmental features with strong multiple benefits (at least “moderate” evidence of three benefits)

From: Co-benefits of designing communities for active living: an exploration of literature

Setting Built environment attribute Evidence
Open Spaces/Parks/Trails Park presence/proximity 3 strong, 2 good
Programs, promotion, and events 4 moderate
Urban Design/Land Use Mixed land use 3 strong, 1 moderate (1 strong negative)
Greenery 3 strong, 2 good
Streetscale pedestrian design 4 moderate
Accessibility and street connectivity 1 strong, 2 good, 1 moderate (1 good evidence of negative)
Transportation Pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure 2 strong, 2 moderate
Reduced traffic speed and volume 1 strong, 2 moderate
Schools School siting 1 strong, 2 moderate
Shared use agreements 3 moderate
Buildings/Workplaces Building design 1 strong, 2 good
Physical activity policies and programs 1 strong, 2 good