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Table 2 Associations (Spearman correlations) and P -values of time spent in active video gaming with other energy balance related behaviours among active video gamers (N = 157)

From: Associations between active video gaming and other energy-balance related behaviours in adolescents: a 24-hour recall diary study

  Spearman’s Rho P value
Non-active video gaming 0.11 0.162
Watching TV/DVD 0.16*a 0.047
PC use other than video gaming 0.11 0.186
Non-screen sedentary activities 0.02 0.791
Sports and active play (>3 METS) −0.03 0.680
Other physical activity (>3 METS) 0.07 0.359
Consumption of snacks 0.17*a 0.035
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages 0.07 0.417
  1. *Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed).
  2. aSmall effect size, (Cohen [18]).