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Table 1 HOME Plus goals and behavioral messages for intervention families

From: HOME Plus: Program design and implementation of a family-focused, community-based intervention to promote the frequency and healthfulness of family meals, reduce children’s sedentary behavior, and prevent obesity

Goals Behavioral Messages
1. Plan healthy meals and snacks with your family more often • Get kids involved with shopping at least three times a month
• Plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks together at least three times a week
• Plan family meals and snacks using portion size guidelines
• Creatively involve kids in trying new fruits and vegetables
• Make half your plate fruits and vegetables at meals
2. Have meals with your family at home more often • Make regular family meals a priority
• Enjoy your food, but don’t overeat
• Sit together during meal time
• Promote positive conversation at meal time
• Eliminate electronics at meal time
3. Improve the healthfulness of the food available at home • Increase the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables in the home
• Make fruits and vegetables more visible and easily accessible in the home
• Reduce the number of high fat and high sugar snacks in the home by at least half
• Replace sugar-sweetened beverages with water
• Rely less on highly processed foods in the home