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Table 2 HOME Plus Session Topics with Parent and Child Ratings of Each Session

From: HOME Plus: Program design and implementation of a family-focused, community-based intervention to promote the frequency and healthfulness of family meals, reduce children’s sedentary behavior, and prevent obesity

Session Topics Mean rating of session
(1 = didn’t like, 5 = loved it)
1-Let’s get started Best family meal ever Parent = 4.4 Child = 4.2
Wash, chop, slice and safety…kitchen basics
2-Ready, Set, Goal Goal setting…breaking it into bite-size pieces Parent = 4.4 Child = 4.1
Let’s give them something to talk about–conversation starters
Recipe revolution–common abbreviations
3-Thinking outside the box Switch it up: meal planning makeovers Parent = 4.4 Child = 4.3
Go! Slow! Whoa!
Successful recipes = accurate measures
4- What’s for dinner 2night? Cook today, eat tomorrow–or freeze for another day Parent = 4.4 Child = 4.0
READ it before you EAT it
A dash of this, a pinch of that–measuring ingredients
5-Too much? Not enough? Portion distortion– helpings, portions and servings Parent = 4.6 Child = 4.3
Are you hungry? Full? Listening to your body’s cues
Get creative-colorful, fresh and nutritious salads
6-Keep it under wraps Fast, fun and full of acceptance–ideas for picky eaters Parent = 4.4 Child = 4.1
Making sense of advertising
Wrap it up-Quick and easy meals
7-Balance, balance, keep the balance Healthy snacks-beyond apples and oranges Parent = 4.6 Child = 4.3
The race is on…choosing healthy snacks
Peel! Chop! Fruits!
8-Less sugar and fat–a sweet deal Sip smarter–the bottom line on sugary drinks Parent = 4.6 Child = 4.4
Which snack or beverage? Check the facts!
Peel! Chop! Vegetables!
9-AGREENable meals and snacks Why your choices matter Parent = 4.5 Child = 4.3
Celebrate seasons–picking produce that’s fresh & less expensive
10-The future is bright…planning ahead The Celebrity Chef is…you! Parent = 4.7 Child = 4.5
Kids can do it…families can do it