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Table 4 Parent and Child Participant-Reported HOME Plus Satisfaction

From: HOME Plus: Program design and implementation of a family-focused, community-based intervention to promote the frequency and healthfulness of family meals, reduce children’s sedentary behavior, and prevent obesity

Question: Parent N = 68
How satisfied were you with the HOME Plus program *66(98%)
Because of the HOME Plus program…  
  I am more aware of portion sizes *58(92%)
  my child is more aware of his/her portion sizes *54(86%)
  my child is more open to trying new foods *52(87%)
What did you like most about participating in the HOME Plus program  
  Cooking with family/child ^10(32%)
  Learning how to eat more healthfully ^6(19%)
  Trying new recipes/foods and tips ^6(19%)
  Child N = 71
Would you recommend the HOME Plus program to other kids? *59(88%)
Because of the HOME Plus program…  
  I am willing to try new foods *52(85%)
  I eat more fruits and vegetables *52(84%)
  I eat healthier snacks *51(82%)
What components did you like best about the HOME Plus program?  
  taste-testing fruits *53(79%)
  cooking with my parent *51(76%)
  learning food preparation skills like chopping and measuring *39(58%)
  1. *satisfied/highly satisfied.
  2. ^open-ended.