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Table 2 Coding of cluster of developments based on the levels of implementation and mix of policy design features

From: Are we developing walkable suburbs through urban planning policy? Identifying the mix of design requirements to optimise walking outcomes from the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ planning policy in Perth, Western Australia

Cluster Type Movement Network Lot Layout Public Parkland Community Design
Disconnected Developments Rank 4th = worst Rank 4th = worst Rank 4th = worst Rank 4th = worst
Connected and Compacted Developments Rank 1st = best Rank 1st = best Rank 3rd Rank 3rd
Green Developments Rank 3rd Rank 3rd Rank 1st = best Rank 2nd
Liveable Developments Rank 2nd Rank 2nd Rank 2nd Rank 1st = best