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Table 2 Spearman and point-biserial correlations

From: The association of parent’s outcome expectations for child TV viewing with parenting practices and child TV viewing: an examination using path analysis

  TV Parenting Practices Presence of TV in rooma
  Social co-viewing Restrictive  
Positive POETV    
Parent Centered 0.002 −0.110 −0.008
Child Centered 0.134* −0.138* −0.019
Negative POETV    
TV & Content Exposure −0.204*** 0.073 −0.096
Prevent Other Activities −0.281*** 0.086 −0.298***
  1. Controlled for child’s age, parent education, and child ethnicity/race
  2. *p<0.05
  3. ***p<0.001
  4. aPoint-biserial Correlation. POETV: Parental Outcome Expectations of child’s TV Viewing