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Table 2 Summary of the characteristics of study participants

From: The role of grandparents in childhood obesity in China - evidence from a mixed methods study

Site Parents Grandparents Teacher & school nurses PE teachers Retailer/catering staff School principal
GZ 18(9M;9F) 18(9M;9F) 15(1M;14F) 16(9M;7F) 15(6M;9F) 3(F)
HC 7(5M;2F) 6(3M;3F) 0 0 0 1(F)
Total 25(14M;11F) 24(12M;12F) 15(1M;14F) 16(9M;7F) 15(6M;9F) 4(F)
  1. Figures represent numbers of participants in different types of focus groups and cities
  2. M male, F female