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Table 3 Reasons why pupils purchase food or drinks out of school at lunchtime

From: Food and drink purchasing habits out of school at lunchtime: a national survey of secondary school pupils in Scotland

Reasons pupils purchase food or drinks out of school from the places they most often purchase food or drinks % pupils (n = 367) Reasons pupils leave the school to purchase food or drinks % pupils (n = 369)
There is a wide choice of food 53.6 Because my friends do 44.2
I like the taste of the food they sell 49.9 Because I can’t get the food I want in school 39.5
It is close to the school 45.0 The canteen queue is too long 38.3
It is good value for money 43.5 I want to get out of school 36.2
I can get food there that I can’t buy at school 37.9 I don’t like school lunches 35.4
My friends buy from the same place 32.5 I don’t like the canteen 26.7
I get some exercise 32.5 I like to choose where I spend my money 25.7
I get served quickly 29.8 It’s my right to choose where I go and buy my food 24.3
I like the look of food they sell 23.1 The food I want in the canteen runs out too quickly 20.2
The food is healthy 15.3 Canteen food is too expensive 12.3
My parent/guardian tells me where to go 0.6 I want to get a break from other people 5.6
Other reasons 2.1 I get treated with respect at shops out of school 4.1
   So adults can’t supervise what I buy 2.0
   Other reasons 6.7