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Table 3 Emerging themes

From: Influence of culture on dietary practices of children under five years among Maasai pastoralists in Kajiado, Kenya

Practice Outcome
Nomadism makes Animals to be away from home Immediate animal products not available to children
Livestock is a sign of wealth thus Animals rarely slaughtered or sold Lack of adequate food and income to buy food
Forbidden foods thus some available foods not being consumed Lack of diversified diet
Land to be used for grazing leading to minimal crop production Lack of adequate food
Early introduction of foods to infant below six months Exclusive breast feeding affected
Poor intra-household food distribution Men get more food while children get less
Consumption of raw animal products May lead to infections
Milk fermentation Improved bio-availability of micronutrients
Food sharing The amount consumed is reduced for those who have and increased for those without
Reliance on traditional healersfor medication Lack of access to adequate health care services