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Table 4 Components of the 12-month cost estimate by intervention arm

From: Cost effectiveness of a mail-delivered individually tailored physical activity intervention for Latinas vs. a mailed contact control

  Seamos saludables intervention Wellness control
N = 132 N = 134
   Research assistant   
  Training $314 $157
  Orientation $3057 $1035
  One-Month calls $679 $483
  Preparing and mailing materials $7881 $4070
Computer expert system   
  Computer $420 $420
  Printer $240 $240
  Scanner $2004  
  Scanner $870  
  Updating the expert system $1400  
Material and mailing costs   
  Pedometers $1650  
  Printing and binding $3017 $2869
  Mailing $5430 $5513
  Total costs $26,963 $14,786
  Average cost per participant $204 $110
  Average cost per participant per month $17 $9
  1. aPersonnel costs were calculated by multiplying total time spent in each activity by standard hourly rates for a research assistant and/or supervisor with the appropriate qualifications for each task. Material costs were based on wholesale office supply costs for materials used per participant. Postage costs were based on First Class mail with return postage for questionnaires