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Table 1 Characteristics of study population

From: Walking and cycling for commuting, leisure and errands: relations with individual characteristics and leisure-time physical activity in a cross-sectional survey (the ACTI-Cités project)

n= 39,295 Mean (SD) or %
Individual characteristics
 Age (y) 49.1 (14.4)
 Gender (men) 23.5
 BMI (kg/m2) 23.8 (4.3)
 Education (≥2 y of university) 64.3
 Living with a partner 73.5
 Have a child at home under 14y 22.9
 Have a child at home between 14y and 18y 11.6
Work and transport related characteristics
 Employed 68.7
 Having a public transport pass 19.8
 If working, having a sedentary job 90.6
 If working, parking place at work 37.7
 Commuting among workers 26.3
 Leisure 42.0
 Errands 41.9
 Commuting among workers 7.2
 Leisure 9.7
 Errands 8.6
Leisure-time physical activity
 <1 h per week 30.1
 1 h-2.5 h per week 22.1
 >2.5 h per week 47.8
 More than 7 h/week of domestic activities 45.1