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Table 1 Manipulated environmental factors with their levels

From: Street characteristics preferred for transportation walking among older adults: a choice-based conjoint analysis with manipulated photographs

Environmental factors Levels
Sidewalk evenness Very uneven
  Slightly uneven
Separation from traffic No separation
  Cycling path in other color (red)
  Small shrub between sidewalk and cycling path
Obstacle on sidewalk Obstacle (electrical box and bicycle on sidewalk)
  No obstacle
Traffic volume 4 cars + 1 truck
  3 cars
  1 car
Speed limit 50 km/h
  30 km/h
Traffic calming device No speed bump
  Speed bump
Overall upkeep Bad upkeep (a lot of litter and graffiti)
  Moderate upkeep (a bit of litter and graffiti)
  Good upkeep (no litter and graffiti)
Vegetation No tree
  Two trees
  Five trees
Benches No bench
  One bench