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Table 2 Descriptive data on participants’ food shopping patterns over 4 weeks period

From: Why do you shop there? A mixed methods study mapping household food shopping patterns onto weekly routines of black women

Variable Mean (SD)a
Average number of food shopping tripsb 15.22 (11.8)
Average number of stores usedb 6 (3.0)
Average amount spent per household overb $407.08 ($222.34)
Usual mode of travel to food shopc  
  Car (own car or riding with someone else) 22 (63 %)
  Walking 9 (26 %)
  Public transportation 5 (14 %)
Average sum of travel for all food shoppingd (mi) 34.9 (40.5)
Average distance to most frequented stored (mi) 1.8 (2.3)
Most frequented store was supermarket/grocery 27 (77 %)
Most frequented store within 1 mile from home 20 (57 %)
Most frequented store within 1 mile from home or routine destination 27 (77 %)
  1. aor N (%) where specified
  2. bbased on mean of individual shopper averages over the four week period
  3. cUsual travel mode was determined by asking typical mode of travel to most frequented store
  4. destimated based on Euclidian distances from home location