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Fig. 2

From: Iterative development of Vegethon: a theory-based mobile app intervention to increase vegetable consumption

Fig. 2

Vegethon features: splash, select veggies, weekly reports, goals, home, surprise challenges, and leaderboard. Splash: startup page framing the intervention as a challenge to eat as many vegetables as possible (13.2a framing/reframing). Select veggies: self-monitoring of vegetable consumption by tapping on any of 30 icons representing individual vegetable types (2.3a self-monitoring of behavior). Weekly reports: weekly social comparison of consumption to other Vegethoners (2.2a feedback on behavior, 6.2a social comparison, 6.3a information about others’ approval). Goals: goal setting for daily number of vegetable servings and types (1.1a goal setting (behavior)). Home: a) progress & points: feedback on today’s vegetable consumption vs. goals (1.6a discrepancy between current behavior and goal, 2.2 feedback on behavior); b) advice & tips: nutritional and behavioral information (4.1a instruction on how to perform a behavior); c) in-app notifications: feedback on fulfillment of goals and challenges (2.2a feedback on behavior, 10.4a social reward, 13.5a identify associated with changed behavior). Surprise challenges: challenges to consume a specific vegetable type and quantity; delivered through in-app pop-up notifications every 1–4 days, with the choice to accept or decline (1.9a commitment). Leaderboard: daily social comparison of progress to six similar peers, using a point-based system encompassing vegetable servings, vegetable types, and challenges (6.2a social comparison). aBehavior change technique (BCT), listed by Michie et al.‘s taxonomy number [21]

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