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Table 1 Factor structure of the 5-item SREBQ

From: Development and validation of the Self-Regulation of Eating Behaviour Questionnaire for adults

Item Factor loading Capacity/ Processes
I’m good at resisting tempting food .797 Ability to control behaviour, thoughts, feeling, attention and eat in accordance with your intentions/short-term capacity to regulate eating behaviours
I give up too easily on my eating intentionsR .789 Ability to stick to your eating intentions and continuously work toward them/long-term capacity to self-regulate eating behaviours
I easily get distracted from my eating intentionsR .746 Ability to control thoughts and attention and keep your eating goals in mind
I find it hard to remember what I have eaten throughout the dayR .618 Ability to monitor and be aware of your actual eating behaviour
If I am not eating in the way I intend to I make changes .612 Ability to compare your actual behaviour to your eating intentions (reference) and make adjustments when necessary to achieve your intentions
  1. Response scale for each item ranged from 1 (Never),to 5 (Always). RReverse item. Variance explained: 51.4 %. KMO = 0.80. Item-item correlation (range): 0.25 to 0.54. Item-total correlation (range):0.42 to 0.61