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Table 3 Breakdown of costs across physical activity intervention and implementation strategies over two years

From: Cost effectiveness of a multi-component school-based physical activity intervention targeting adolescents: the ‘Physical Activity 4 Everyone’ cluster randomized trial

Physical activity intervention strategies (PAS) Description & cost components Total cost (24 m) Total cost (24 m) per student
1 Active PE lessona Teachers should maximise student activity in PE. 2 × pedometer based lessons per teacher each term used to build understanding of activity levels $0 $0
2 Personal physical activity plansa 1 × personal student PA plan developed and reviewed each school term $0 $0
3 Enhanced sports programa Program X (10 week program) delivered to all students $0 $0
4 Recess and lunchtime activities Activities offered and equipment available at least twice per week $10,526 $13
   Cost includes the opportunity cost of school staff time associated with monitoring and supervision of equipment use   
5 Supportive school physical activity policy a School PA policy modified or developed $301 $0.36
   Cost includes the opportunity cost of school staff time to modify/ develop PA policy (four schools)   
6 Linking with parents 1 × hard copy parent newsletter per term focussed on physical activity. Newsletters also placed on school websites. $4,933 $6
   Cost includes printing and materials   
7 Linking with the community 3–5 community links made – students made aware of community PA organisations $8,285 $10
   Cost relates to community provider expos and includes showbag materials plus the opportunity cost of the preparation and face-face time of community sports representatives and school staff   
Implementation support strategies (ISS)
1 In school consultant (change agent) Attends school 1 day per week. Cost is salary for two years $216,544 $259
2 School leadership & committee Partnership agreement signed, School committee established. School executive membership represented on committee $1,263 $1.51
   Cost includes the opportunity cost of school staff time associated with committee meeting attendance   
3 Staff development & training Joint school professional development training $28,340 $34
   Cost includes the opportunity cost of school staff time (teacher relief), external consultant services, travel and meal expenses and venue hire   
4 Resources Physical Activity equipment pack (e.g. balls, hoops, ropes), recess and lunch equipment, class pedometer sets (5 per school), personal plans (templates and teacher instructions) $59,370 $71
5 Prompts Weekly email prompts to teachers from change agent $389 $0.46
   Costs include printing and materials   
6 Performance feedback Report delivered 1 x per term to Principal and head PE teacher $0 $0
Total cost $329,952 $394   
  1. aCosts are accounted for in various implementation strategies