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Table 5 Mean costs per participant, mean difference in change and ICER’s presented for physical activity (MVPA and MET minutes) and weight status (BMI unit avoided and per 0.1 unit (10 %) reduction in BMI z-score

From: Cost effectiveness of a multi-component school-based physical activity intervention targeting adolescents: the ‘Physical Activity 4 Everyone’ cluster randomized trial

  Cost per enrolled student in five intervention schools over 24 months Mean difference in change between Intervention and Control groups at 24 month follow-up (95 % CI) ICER
(95 % CI)
Mean minutes MVPA/ Day $394 7.0 (2.7–11.3) $56 ($35–$147)a
MET hours gained per person/ day 0.5 (0.2–0.9) $749 ($463–$1,961)b
BMI 0.3 (0.1–0.5) $1408 ($788–$6,570)c
BMI z-score 0.1 (0.0–0.1) $563 (282–3,942)d
  1. a cost per minutes of MVPA gained
  2. bcost per MET hour gained
  3. ccost to avoid a gain in1 BMI unit
  4. dcost per 0.1 (10 %) unit reduction in BMI z-score