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Table 1 Exercise intensities of the HI and LMI resistance and endurance exercise programs

From: Participation in and adherence to physical exercise after completion of primary cancer treatment

  Resistance exercises (1-RM)a (10 repetitions in 2 series of 6 exercises targeting the large muscle groups) Endurance interval exercises Part A (MSEC)a (8 min alternating workload) Endurance interval exercises Part B (HRR)a (3x5 min constant workload) Counseling
High intensity (HI) exerciseb 70-85 % 30/65 % ≥80 % Participants were encouraged to start or maintain a physically active lifestyle in addition to the supervised exercise sessions.
Low-to-moderate intensity (LMI) exerciseb 40-55 % 30/45 % 40-50 %
  1. Abbreviations: 1-RM one repetition maximum, MSEC maximum short exercise capacity, HRR heart rate reserve, HI high intensity exercise, LMI low-to-moderate intensity exercise
  2. aEvery four weeks (week 1, 5 and 9), the physiotherapist evaluated training progress, and adjusted the workload accordingly. bExercises were accompanied with BORG scores and heart rate monitors to guide the physiotherapists. In the occasion that the training intensity seemed too high or too low, the 1-RM, MSEC or HRR were reassessed