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Table 1 Intervention strategies employed during the first three months of the study

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of organisational-level strategies with or without an activity tracker to reduce office workers’ sitting time: a cluster-randomised trial

Strategy Week 1 Weeks 3–4 Week 6 Weeks 7–8 Weeks 9–10 Weeks 11–13
Organisational Introductory email to announce program from champion
+ workplace summary activity data
+ links to relevant news articles
Information booklet including:
• Health impacts of sitting
• Tips to ‘Stand Up, Sit Less and Move More’
First tip email from championa
Tip: have a standing or walking meeting
Second tip emailb
Tip: walking meetings increase creativity
Third tip email
Focus on increasing step count
+ Table of step count classifications compared to baseline averagec
+ Walking step count guide of locations around Sydney officed
Tip: walking meetings increase step count
Fourth tip email
Focus on standing more and sitting less outside of work
• Walk during commercial breaks
• Do household chores while watching TV
• Stand to read newspaper
• Hand wash car
• Move around house when checking emails and texts on phone
• Take your coffee standing
• Stand up every time there is a goal in the World Cup
• Stand up while commuting to work
Fifth tip email
Focus on using the stairs
Tip: take the stairs instead of the lift
Individual Activity tracker to Group ORG + Tracker participants Baseline activity monitor feedback sent     
  1. asent in week 1 for location B; bsent in week 4 for location B; cstep count classifications from Tudor-Locke 2004 [61]; dlocation A only