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Table 2 Results of multivariable analyses for center-based correlates of boys’ physical activity during care hours*

From: Preschool and childcare center characteristics associated with children’s physical activity during care hours: an observational study

Center-based variable Coef. 95 % CI
Total physical activity delivered to children (mins/week) −0.002 −0.006, 0.001
Total weekly time in free play (mins/week) −0.009 −0.028, 0.010
Physical activity programs center is involved with/member of −0.069 −0.785, 0.646
Number of constructed resources (e.g. lighting, shade) 0.545 −0.084, 1.174
Number of environmental restrictions to active free play outdoors (e.g. play in trees, restrictions to areas) 0.357 −0.246, 0.960
Number of pieces of portable equipment available −0.630 −1.413, 0.153
Number of spaces with natural ground covering 0.477 0.089, 0.867
  1. *covariates of weekly hours of attendance, daily hours of sleep, number of siblings, maternal work status; bolded results are significant at p < 0.05