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Table 3 Relationships among loadings, communalities and factor reliability (α) for girls, boys and the total sample on weight loss preoccupation

From: Does psychological functioning mediate the relationship between bullying involvement and weight loss preoccupation in adolescents? A two-stage cross-sectional study

  Factor: Weight loss preoccupation Communalities
Trying to lose weight .70 .51
Worried about putting on weight .64 .44
Exercises to lose weight .61 .41
Worries about food .53 .34
Dieted to lose weight .46 .24
Eaten less .46 .23
Worries if cannot exercise .41 .23
 Cronbach α (total) .76  
 Girls .78  
 Boys .73  
  1. a Excluded items were: Lost weight; Eaten more; Put weight on; Self-weighs frequently; Exercises for muscle; Trying to stay the same weight; Trying to gain weight; Fasted to lose weight; Vomited or taken laxatives; Taken diet pills or powders