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Table 5 Standardised regression coefficients (β) and standard errors in parenthesis (SE) of the total, direct and indirect effect of weight loss preoccupation in bullies, victims and bully-victims

From: Does psychological functioning mediate the relationship between bullying involvement and weight loss preoccupation in adolescents? A two-stage cross-sectional study

  Bullying role
Bully Victim Bully-victim
β (SE) p β (SE) p β (SE) p
Total effect (c) .218 (.113) <.001 .260 (.123) <.001 .292 (.102) <.001
Direct effect (c’) .183 (.110) .001 .141 (.153) .076 .179 (.115) .001
Indirect effect (ab) .035 (.040) .096 .120 (.106) .030 .114 (.069) .001
  1. Note: Each bullying role was compared to the uninvolved group. All models controlled for sex, BMI percentile, pubertal stage, age, ethnicity, parent education, and included indirect paths between sex, pubertal stage and BMI percentile on weight loss preoccupation via psychological functioning and error covariance between body-esteem and weight loss preoccupation