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Table 2 Within-person associations (i.e., compensation) between MVPA in each location and overall MVPA (N = 3776 days)

From: Within-person associations of young adolescents’ physical activity across five primary locations: is there evidence of cross-location compensation?

  Associations with overall MVPA
B (SE) minutes/day p
At home MVPA 0.95 (0.03) <.001
Home neighborhood MVPA 1.03 (0.04) <.001
At school MVPA 0.88 (0.03) <.001
School neighborhood MVPA 1.01 (0.09) <.001
Other locations MVPA 0.90 (0.03) <.001
  1. Note: All models were adjusted for participant age, gender, race/ethnicity, and BMI, parent education, neighborhood income and walkability, time in location, and average (across days of monitoring) time and MVPA in location