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Table 4 Unadjusted associations between individuals’ home food preparation skills and behaviours and percentage of dietary energy from ultra-processed foods (n = 509)*

From: Association between home food preparation skills and behaviour, and consumption of ultra-processed foods: Cross-sectional analysis of the UK National Diet and nutrition survey (2008–2009)

Cooking variable Unadjusted regression coefficient (95% confidence intervals)
Confident with all 8 techniques (vs not) −1.86 (−4.14 to 0.42)
Confident with all 10 foods (vs not) −4.29 (−6.55 to −2.04)
Able to bake cake/biscuits without help (vs unable) −2.49 (−5.05 to 0.07)
Cook main meal 5+ time per week (vs less often) −2.70 (−5.14 to −0.26)
  1. *Each row represents a separate model