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Table 1 Article search terms and databases searched

From: Effect of classroom-based physical activity interventions on academic and physical activity outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Classroom-based Physical activity Academic-related outcomes Study population Database searched
Classroom[tiab] OR break*[tiab] OR curricul*[tiab] OR “active break”[tiab] OR integrat*[tiab] OR lesson*[tiab] “Physical activity”[tiab] OR “physically active”[tiab] OR exercis*[tiab] OR active[tiab] OR activity[tiab] Educational status[tiab] OR educational measurement [mh:noexp] OR cognition[mh:noexp] OR Academic[tiab] OR “Grade point average”[tiab] OR “Standardised test scores”[tiab] OR “standardized test scores”[tiab] OR “test scores”[tiab] OR Reading[tiab] OR Math*[tiab] OR learn*[tiab] OR grade*[tiab] OR literacy[tiab] OR numeracy[tiab] OR academic[tiab] OR attent*[tiab] OR
Concentration[tiab] OR behaviour[tiab] OR behavior[tiab]
OR cogniti*[tiab] OR “executive function”[tiab] OR “fluid intelligence”[tiab] OR achievement[tiab] OR learning[tiab]
Student[tiab] OR Student*[tiab] OR child[mh] OR child*[tiab] OR class*[tiab] PubMed
classroom or school or lesson physical activity or exercise academic or achievement or cognitive children or child or student or class SPORTDiscus