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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis for questionnaire item selection

From: Capturing health and eating status through a nutritional perception screening questionnaire (NPSQ9) in a randomised internet-based personalised nutrition intervention: the Food4Me study

  Factor loadings
Factor 1: Management  
I Can Manage To Stick To Healthy Foods:
  Even If I Need A Long Time To Develop The Necessary Routines 0.775
  Even If I Have To Try Several Times Until It Works 0.819
  Even If I Have To Rethink My Entire Way Of Nutrition 0.791
  Even If I Do Not Receive A Great Deal Of Support From Others When Making My First Attempts 0.669
  Even If I Have To Make A Detailed Plan 0.725
Cronbach’s alpha = 0.875
Factor 2: Perception & Habits
 Eating Healthily Is Something I Do Frequently 0.649
 I Eat Healthily Without Having To Consciously Think About It 0.759
 Eating Healthily Is Something I Don’t Have To Think About Doing 0.777
 Do You Skip Meals And Replace Them With Snacks? 0.311
Cronbach’s alpha = 0.732