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Table 1 Social, behavioural and environmental variables added to ICAD database

From: Harmonising data on the correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young people: Methods and lessons learnt from the international Children’s Accelerometry database (ICAD)

Domain Construct Description
Home and family Parental composition Number of parents/guardians living at home.
Internet access Availability of internet in the family home.
Number of televisions Number of televisions in the family home.
Garden Access to a garden at home.
Home location City, County/State, Urban/Rural.
Physical activity – behaviour and correlates Sport and organised physical activity Child’s participation in sport or other organised physical activities.
Physical activity self-efficacy Child’s self-efficacy for engaging in or increasing physical activity.
Parent support for physical activity Mother/Father/Guardian support for child’s activity.
Peer support for physical activity Peer support for child’s activity.
Parental physical activity Mother/Father/Guardian physical activity level.
Sedentary behaviour – behaviour and correlates TV in the bedroom Presence of a television in child’s bedroom.
Computer in the bedroom Presence of a computer (inc. video games machine) in child’s bedroom.
Sedentary behaviour self-efficacy Child’s self-efficacy for reducing sedentary behaviours
Parent support for sedentary behaviour Mother/Father/Guardian support for child’s sedentary behaviour.
Peer support for sedentary behaviour Peer support for child’s sedentary behaviour.
Parental television viewing Mother/Father/Guardian time spent watching television.
Parental computer use Mother/Father/Guardian time spent using a computer.
School factors and other behaviours Physical education Child’s engagement in physical education at school.
School start/end time Start/end time of child’s school day.
Sleep duration Child’s sleep duration.
Fruit and vegetables Child’s consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Sugar sweetened beverages Child’s consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.
Breakfast consumption Whether or not child eats breakfast.
  1. Only constructs added to ICAD as part of the expansion project are detailed here. A complete listing of all constructs available in ICAD is provided on the ICAD website