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Table 2 Themes identified from semi-structured interviews with worksite managers

From: Impact of calorie labelling in worksite cafeterias: a stepped wedge randomised controlled pilot trial

Themes Sub Themes Comments
Information Provided Clear information (5 of 6 Sites) “Labels were clear and easy to understand.”
Concise information (2 of 6 Sites) “Really good, clear and quality labelling.”
Missing information (3 of 6 Sites) “We used to list fat, salt and sugar… I think sometimes people just get a bit confused by it all”
  “People started to ask about salt, started to ask about sugar…”
Implementation Issues Issues in getting calorie information (4 of 6 Sites) “What had always stopped us in the past was the chefs and their freedom to be chefs”
Time-consuming to implement (6 of 6 sites) “The blocker for us is getting the calories of the meals that they make on site and being accurate with that”
Easy to run (6 of 6 sites) “ There is a lot of sending data which is very time consuming”
  “Once you just get on with it and when you start to understand, actually its fine”
Feedback from Customers Addition of information (5 of 6 sites) “Because we were adding information for people and not taking anything away from them, I think that was a positive thing”
Awareness of labels (6 of 6 sites) “…it was noticed and people were pleased to see it. They were surprised actually and it was driving them to make difficult choices.”
  “Nobody really commented on it either way… it certainly wasn’t an issue.”