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Table 1 Feeding messages in the responsive parenting intervention curriculum

From: INSIGHT responsive parenting intervention and infant feeding practices: randomized clinical trial

Intervention component Child age in weeks
3–4 16 28 40
What to feed
 Only breastmilk or formula for first 4–6 months x    
 No cereal in bottle x x   
 Avoid/limit fruit juice x x x x
 Portion sizes for complementary foods   x x x
 Fruits and vegetables   x x x
 Foods to limit   x x x
 Water    x x
 Snacking     x
 Cow’s milk     x
When to feed
 Introducing solids at 4–6 months x x   
 Introducing cup at 6–9 months    x x
 Weaned from bottle by 1 year    x x
 Introducing a spoon     x
How to feed
 Bottle size & nipple type x x   
 Hunger and fullness cues x x x  
 Do not put to bed with bottle/cup x x x x
 Alternatives to using food to soothe x x x x
 Do not pressure child to eat x x x x
 Repeated exposure to new foods   x x x
 Modeling positive eating behavior   x x x
 Shared responsibility of feeding   x x x
 Mealtime routines    x x
 Family meals     x
 Eating away from home     x
 Do not use food to reward/control behavior     x
 Purchasing and access to unhealthy foods     x