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Table 2 Indicative questions for focus group discussion – Study 2

From: Acceptability and accessibility of child nutrition interventions: fathers’ perspectives from survey and interview studies

Indicative question
1. Think about meals you have eaten with your child/ren, within the last 2–4 weeks. Can you tell me what happens at mealtimes with your youngsters?
2. When it comes to feeding the family, what are your jobs?
3. What child feeding jobs do you share with another adult in the household?
4. What do you like about mealtimes with your family?
5. Sometimes feeding the kids can be challenging. What challenges or worries have you experienced with your kid/s at mealtime?
6. Can you tell us what happens at mealtimes when your child doesn’t like the food being served?
7. If you were to encounter challenges with your children around feeding or nutrition, would the workplace be a viable place to receive more information or advice?
8. Tentative question: what would you like to change when it comes to family meals?