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Table 3 Factor loadings and frequency of endorsement for structural mealtime strategies

From: About feeding children: factor structure and internal reliability of a survey to assess mealtime strategies and beliefs of early childhood education teachers

Item content Adult control of foods consumed Bribing with sweet foods Supportive adult roles at mealtime
I don’t let them have seconds of other foods until they try the new food. 0.74   
The children have to take at least one bite. 0.88   
I have the children eat one bite of each food. 0.76   
I have the children try the food before they can have sweet foods.   0.50  
I have the children finish their meal before eating sweet foods.   0.63  
I wait to serve them sweet foods if they do not eat something from their plate.   0.65  
I serve sweet food after they eat the rest of the food on their plates.   0.98  
I eat the same food as children at mealtime.    0.76
I sit with the children at mealtime.    0.48
Both children and staff pass the food.    0.76
I try new foods with children (all or most of the time).    0.48
I offer them more of the foods they like. −0.02 0.38 −0.22
I try to distract them with another activity. 0.06 0.28 −0.11