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Table 1 Foods not classified as home-prepared

From: Comparison of individuals with low versus high consumption of home-prepared food in a group with universally high dietary quality: a cross-sectional analysis of the UK National Diet & Nutrition Survey (2008–2016)

▪ Foods prepared and eaten outside the home (e.g. food eaten in a restaurant or café)
▪ Foods prepared outside the home and eaten in the home (e.g. takeaway and delivery foods)
▪ Foods eaten as purchased (e.g. crisps, sweets, granola bars, juice and soft drinks, store-bought sandwiches, prepared and whole pieces of fruit)
▪ Foods requiring the application of heat or the addition of hot water but no other preparation (e.g. frozen and refrigerated ready meals, tinned soup, instant noodles, instant oats)
▪ Foods involving the combination of several components by the participant, but each component required minimal preparation (e.g. a bowl of cereal, a ham or cheese sandwich)