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Table 4 Sedentary time in the nonimputed and imputed datasets

From: Imputing accelerometer nonwear time in children influences estimates of sedentary time and its associations with cardiometabolic risk

Dataset Mean (95% CI) min/day of sedentary time Mean (95% CI) min/day of wear time Mean (95% CI) percentage of wear time spent sedentary
Nonimputed dataset
(n = 442)
599 (594, 604) 826 (821, 831) 72 (72, 73)
Imputed dataset I
(n = 452)a
632 (627, 637) 868 (865, 873) 73 (72, 73)
Imputed dataset II
(n = 452)b
632 (627, 637) 868 (865, 873) 73 (72, 73)
  1. aImputation based on sociodemographic (age, sex, maturity, race, family structure, parental education and household income), health (cardio-metabolic risk Z-score, internalizing symptoms Z-score, and presence of a chronic health condition), behavioural (frequency of fast food consumption and snacking in front of a screen), and time (time of day, type of day, and season)
  2. bImputation based on total screen time, homework time, presence of household media rules, and the number of screen-based devices in the household, in addition to the variables used in imputed dataset I