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Table 1 Capacity building intervention (CBI) elements for the Eat, Play, Live trial

From: Eat, play, live: a randomized controlled trial within a natural experiment examining the role of nutrition policy and capacity building in improving food environments in recreation and sport facilities

CBI resources and supports Frequency and timing Description
Province-specific training Once, 0 months Half-day, in-person group training covering the following:
• Five-step change process
• Operational areas for policy and program changes in food environments
• Practical examples of food environment changes for each operational area
• Provincial nutrition guidelines
• Resources to support food environment and policy change (see below)
• CBI protocol and timeline
Baseline evaluation report Once, 0 months All facilities received a report summarizing data collected at baseline in their facility on facility capacity and food environment quality
Seed funds Once, 3 months $1000 CAD per facility
Online toolkit Unlimited access BC Recreation and Parks Association website ( provides information on healthy food in recreation. Includes searchable database of resources and provincial pages with local resources
Online resources Unlimited access Local resource hubs to support environment and policy change were provided in BC (, AB (; and NS (,
Provincial Coordinator support Monthly follow-up and as needed On-demand individual training, resources, and support (e.g. assistance with nutrition analysis, product sourcing, connecting with community resources including public health dietitians) via email, telephone and in-person
Provincial teleconferences 2, 6, 12 months 60 min intra-provincial cross-facility meetings; facilities described current and planned activities, challenges and facilitators
Facility action plans 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 months CBI facilities developed written implementation plans to achieve their goals
Electronic information provision Every 1–2 months Periodic group emails from Provincial Coordinators addressing common inquiries, challenges, and successes
  1. AB Alberta, BC British Columbia, CBI capacity building intervention, NS Nova Scotia