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Table 6 Availability of marker foods and food preparation equipment in the Eat, Play, Live trial

From: Eat, play, live: a randomized controlled trial within a natural experiment examining the role of nutrition policy and capacity building in improving food environments in recreation and sport facilities

  Proportion of facilities that made healthy changes or maintained a healthy status from baseline to follow-up p value
(n = 11)
(n = 11)
(n = 16)
Foods and beverages
 Low fat milk 9.1% 18.2% 0% 0.22
 100% juice 90.9% 100% 100% 0.28
 Whole grain bread 72.7% 63.6% 37.5% 0.16
 White bread 9.1% 9.1% 18.8% 0.69
 French fries 36.4% 45.5% 31.3% 0.75
 Potato chipsa 45.5% 27.3% 0% 0.015
 Fruit 72.7% 81.8% 12.5% < 0.001
 Vegetables 72.7% 36.4% 6.3% 0.002
 High fat side 27.3% 18.2% 25.0% 0.87
 Healthy main dish 36.4% 9.1% 0% 0.021
 Healthy main dish salad 36.4% 9.1% 0% 0.021
Food preparation equipment
 Deep fat fryer 36.4% 45.5% 31.3% 0.75
 Griddle 45.5% 45.5% 81.3% 0.08
 Grill 45.5% 9.1% 18.8% 0.11
 Oven 63.6% 45.5% 56.3% 0.69
  1. GL + CBI guideline + capacity building intervention facilities, GL-ONLY guideline only facilities, NO-GL no guideline facilities, rNEMS-R reduced Nutrition Environment Measures Survey - Restaurant
  2. Healthy change/maintenance scores were calculated using Chi-square statistics based on the presence or absence of the item at baseline and follow-up (i.e. a healthy change was not selling a healthy item at baseline but selling it at follow-up or selling an unhealthy item at baseline and not selling it at follow-up; maintenance of a healthy status was selling a healthy item at baseline and follow-up)
  3. A total of 40 concessions were audited at baseline and 38 concessions were audited at follow-up. 8 facilities did not have a concession, 1 could not be audited at baseline or follow-up and 2 concessions closed between baseline and follow-up
  4. aPotato chips combines information about the change in availability of baked and regular potato chips from baseline to follow-up. For facilities that sold regular and baked, or only baked potato chips at baseline, a healthy change was defined as no longer selling any potato chips at follow-up. For facilities that sold only regular potato chips at baseline a healthy change was defined as no longer selling regular chips and/or adding baked chips at follow-up. Selling baked chips at baseline and follow-up was classified as maintaining a healthy status