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Table 1 Mean differences in nutritional content of the shopping carts between the reference situation (no label) and the labelled situation (one of five FoPL or no label)

From: Modelling the impact of different front-of-package nutrition labels on mortality from non-communicable chronic disease

  MTL HSR RIs Nutri-Score SENS Control
Mean differences (%)
cEnergy −6.36a,c −4.77a,b −2.99b,c −9.04a −2.39b,c −0.7b
 Fats −17.59b − 14.63b,c −9.1c −21.38b − 9.59c 0.75a
 Saturated fatty acids −24.01b,c −19.83c,d − 14.17d −29.89b −11.1d 1.63a
 Salt −5.39b,c −7.1b −3.41a,b −4.1b,c 1.29a,c 3.29a
 Fibre 0.86b,c 10.77a 2.41b,d 7.21a,c,d 9.71a −0.99b
 Fruit −4.08b 6.19a,b 10.14a,c 12.36a −0.01b,c 3.67a,b
 Vegetable −0.87a 2.81a 4.89a 5.38a 1.7a 3.54a
Variant 1 (best case): mean differences among participants in the first quartile of difference in FSAm-NPS (%)
 Energy −9.09a,b −6.4a,b −5.31a,b −13.42a −6.99a,b −2.32b
 Fats − 22.7a − 23.66a − 20.37a − 27,00a −24.31a − 6.77b
 Saturated fatty acids − 31.68b,c − 30.69b,c − 28.4b,c − 41.19b − 21.83a,c −7.97a
 Salt − 6.86a,b − 11.54b −10.19a,b −6.88a,b − 3.45a,b 2.02a
 Fibre 3.36b 17.36a 4.23a,b 11.21a,b 9.16a,b 2.36b
 Fruit −5.87b 22.1a 4.27a,b 11.93a,b −1.52b 9.99a,b
 Vegetable 1.12a 7.00a 15.19a 10.98a 3.55a 10.18a
Variant 2(worst case): mean differences among participants in the fourth quartile of difference in FSAm-NPS (%)
 Energy −2.82a,b −1.04a,b 0.64a,b −7.16a 2.24a,b 7.19b
 Fats −13.12b −0.33b 2.58a,b −10.75b 2.79b 18.77a
 Saturated fatty acids −14.78a −2.1a −4.75a −12.98a 2.98a 26.15b
 Salt −2.45b −1.02b 5.22a,b −2.32b 5.34a,b 14.73a
 Fibre −5.49a −1.11a 0.64a −4.83a 6.44a −3.78a
 Fruit −15.25a −9.85a 5.3a 0.14a − 3.34a 1.30a
 Vegetable −6.05a −0.7a −5.41a −3.14a −6.24a 3.80a
  1. MTL Multiple Traffic Lights, HSR Health Star Rating, RIs Reference Intakes, FSAm-NPS Food Standards Agency modified Nutrient Profiling System; SENS: Système d’Etiquetage Nutritionnel Simplifié
  2. a, b, c, dMeans values with the same letter are not significantly different (Tukey’s multiple comparisons tests with a significance threshold of p < 0.05)
  3. Results are expressed as percentages