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Table 1 Minimum stocking standards set forth by the Minneapolis Staple Food Ordinance, 2015

From: Evaluation of the first U.S. staple foods ordinance: impact on nutritional quality of food store offerings, customer purchases and home food environments

Category Specifications
Fruit/Vegetables • 30 lbs. or 50 items fresh and/or frozen
• At least 7 varieties; at least 5 must be fresh
• No more than 50% from a single variety
• No added ingredients (including syrups, dips or cheese)
100% juice • 6 containers of 100% juice; at least 2 must be citrus
• Frozen/non-frozen concentrate: 11.5–12 oz. containers
• Juice: 59 oz. or larger containers
Whole grain cereal • 4 boxes or bags, 12 oz. or larger, whole grain cereal or cereal grains
• At least 3 varieties
Other whole grains • 5 pounds
• At least 3 varieties such as bread, corn tortillas, brown rice or oatmeal
• No popcorn with salt and/or added fat
Milk • 5 gal unsweetened, unflavored
• Gallon or half-gallon containers
• At least 2 of the following varieties: skim/ nonfat, 1%, or 2% milk, or “plain” or “original” soy milk or other milk alternatives
Eggs • 6 one dozen containers
• Large size only
Cheese • 6 pounds
• Packages of at least 1 half pound (8 oz.)
• At least 3 varieties
• Does not include processed cheese products
Dried peas, beans and lentils • 4 packages
• Up to 16 oz. in size
• No added ingredients or seasonings.
Canned beans • 192 oz. total of canned beans or legumes
• At least 3 varieties
• No added fats or meats; no baked beans or chili beans.
Meat, fish, and other proteins • At least 3 varieties of meat, poultry, canned fish packed in water, or vegetable proteins such as nut butter and/or tofu.
• Nut butter up to 18 oz.; may not contain other products such as jelly