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Table 1 Sample H2GO! intervention session topics and activities

From: Reducing sugary drink intake through youth empowerment: results from a pilot-site randomized study

BGC staff-led Youth-led
Health Sessions Narrative Sessions Parent-child Activities
1. Water is Good for You! (hydration demonstration) 2. Develop print narratives to promote water intake Teach parents information and skills learned through parallel weekly parent-child activities.
3. Re-Think Your Drink (blinded taste tests of flavored water) 4. Develop print narratives to encourage non-SSB alternatives
5. Find the Facts (label reading, SSB measuring activity) 6. Develop print narratives to explain how to identify SSBs Engage parents in critical dialogues on target behavioral messages through weekly sharing of narratives.
7. Explore the Corner Store (scavenger hunt of SSBs and non SSBs) 8. Develop audio narratives to explain how to identify SSBs
9. Water, Water, Everywhere (role play skits to find ways to drink water) 10. Develop video narratives to find opportunities to drink water Lead and participate in a culminating youth-led BGC community event featuring display of narratives and flavored water taste tests.
11. SSB Triggers (role play skits to manage SSB triggers) 12. Develop video narratives to manage SSB triggers