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Table 3 The 10 most important Nudges (Sunstein, 2014)

From: Nudging to move: a scoping review of the use of choice architecture interventions to promote physical activity in the general population

Nudge Example
1 Default rules Automatic enrollment in programs, including education, health, savings
2 Simplification In part to promote participation in existing programs
3 Uses of social norms “Most people pay their taxes on time.”, “Nine out of ten hotel guests reuse their towels.”
4 Increases in ease and convenience Making low-cost options or healthy foods visible
5 Disclosure Economic or environmental costs associated with energy use, or the full cost of certain credit cards
6 Warnings, graphic or otherwise Pictures on cigarette packages
7 Pre-commitment strategies Pre-commit to engaging in certain activities such as smoking cessation
8 Reminders Email or text message, as for overdue bills and coming obligations or appointments
9 Eliciting implementation intentions “Do you plan to vaccinate your child?”
10 Informing people of the nature and consequences of their own past choices Expenditures on health care or on electric bills