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Table 4 List of databases and their characteristics

From: Nudging to move: a scoping review of the use of choice architecture interventions to promote physical activity in the general population

Database Provider Time span
1 Medline PubMed 1982–10/2018
2 PsycInfo Ovid 1806–10/2018
3 Science Citation Index Expanded Web of Science 1900–10/2018
Social Science Citation Index   1956–10/2018
Arts & Humanities Citation Index   1975–10/2018
Conference Proceedings Citation Index–Science   2013–10/2018
Conference Proceedings Citation Index–Social Science & Humanities   2013–10/2018
Book Citation Index–Science   2013–10/2018
Book Citation Index–Social Science & Humanities   2013–10/2018
EBSCO 1937–10/2018
5 ASSIA Proquest 1987–10/2018
  1. Inclusion was restricted to full-text papers and to studies published in English or German