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Table 1 Implementation and scale-up frameworks and process models that surfaced most often

From: Implementation and scale-up of physical activity and behavioural nutrition interventions: an evaluation roadmap

1. Framework for Effective Implementation [17]
2. Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) [27]
3. Dynamic Sustainability Framework [29]
1. Scaling Up Health Service Innovations - A Framework for Action [30]
2. Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination andImplementation [31]
3. Scaling-Up: A Framework for Success [32]
Process Models
1. Steps to Developing a Scale-Up Strategy [33]
2. Review of Scale-Up/Framework for Scaling Up Physical Activity Interventions [34]
3. A Guide to Scaling Up Population Health Interventions [35, 36]
Comprehensive Theories or Conceptual Models
1. Diffusion of Innovations [37]
2. Conceptual Model for the Spread and Sustainability of Innovations in Service Delivery and Organization [26]
  1. Note: Additional resources recommended by experts who participated in rounds 4 and 5 of the modified Delphi process are bolded