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Table 3 Pearson’s partial correlations between log serum carotenoids, log dermal carotenoids, and self-reported FVI 1,2

From: Serum carotenoids are strongly associated with dermal carotenoids but not self-reported fruit and vegetable intake among overweight and obese women

 Log serum carotenoidsLog dermal carotenoid scoreModified AHA tool FVI (cups/day)Log FVS FVI (cups/day)Log 24-h recall FVI (cups/day)
Log serum carotenoids 0.71*
Log dermal carotenoid score
Modified AHA tool FVI (cups/day)   0.71*0.40*
Log FVS FVI (cups/day)    0.47*
Log 24-h recall FVI (cups/day) 
  1. 1n = 157
  2. 2FVI Fruit and vegetable intake, FVS National Cancer Institute All-day Fruit and Vegetable Screener, AHA American Heart Association. Adjusted correlations control for the effects of age (years), state, log total serum cholesterol (mg/dL), and BMI (kg/m2)
  3. 3De-attenuated coefficients for the 24-h recall correlations are presented below the diagonal
  4. Bonferroni corrected significance denoted: * P < 0.00067 (99% confidence)